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Studying the Amazon river, its plume and their influence on the Atlantic (podcast episode 11)

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Paula Huber on board of Tara © Julie Nedelec Andrade and Fondation Tara Océan

Today we return to our exploration of the Atlantic ocean, exploring the Amazon river, its plume and their influence on the Atlantic with our guest Paula Huber.

Paula is from the Federal University of San Carlos in Brazil and she was on board of three of the first AtlantECO specific legs of Mission Microbiomes, the latest expedition from the Tara Ocean Foundation, and chief scientist for one of those legs.

In this episode Paula explains why it is important to study the Amazon river, and its plume where the river meets the ocean, to understand its influence on marine ecosystems, marine microbiome, and on global biogeochemical cycles. It is also an important region to study the movement of plastics from a river into the ocean, as the Amazon goes through many big Brazilian cities before reaching the coast, and carries a lot of plastics in its water.

Paula also tells us about her first experience on board an oceanographic cruise, her encounters with marine life and the beautiful memories she has made during her time on board Tara, sailing from deep clear sea water to the nutrient dense brown water of the Amazon river.

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