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Pedro Ciarlini Junger

PhD student, UFSCar, Brazil


  • Microbial ecology

  • Ecological theory

  • Omics

  • Data analysis

  • R Stats

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Short BIO

I am an ecologist who got amazed about the fact that tiny creatures have shaped our planet and still play essential trophic & bigeochemical roles at a planetary scale. I generally attempt to bring together ecological theory and microbial omics data to investigate the distribution, structure and function of microbial communities inhabiting both marine & freshwater ecosystems. I am currently in my last year as a PhD student in the Laboratory of Microbial Processes & Biodiversity (UFSCar, Brazil), where I am currently conducting a project on large-scale ecology & biogeography of marine planktonic communities using mainly metabarcoding, but also metagenomics and single-cell genomics.

Role in AtlantECO

In AtlantECO, I have helped gathering amplicon sequencing data (16S rRNA and 18S rRNA) from the Atlantic Ocean to generate a public database as part of WP2. As part of WP4 – that aims to augment observations in the South Atlantic – I have worked on board of TARA between Salvador and Rio de Janeiro as part of the Mission Microbiome expedition. I am also helping to adapt TARA protocols to both the ECO schooner (UFSC, Brazil) and the Alpha-Crucis research vessel (USP, Brazil) as part of AtlantECO expeditions

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