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Ronan McAdam

PostDoc, CMCC, Italy


  • Seasonal forecasting

  • Modelling

  • Sensitivity analyisis

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Short BIO

I am an early-career researcher working on predictions of essential variables which help us track the ocean climate and variability.


My main research interests include seasonal forecasting and marine heat waves. I am currently working on seasonal forecast validation and reanalysis comparisons across the global ocean, including the Mediterranean Sea.

Role in AtlantECO

Studying physical drivers of climate & ecosystem change using GLOB16: a high-res (1/16), long-term (60 years), and 3D ocean-ice simulation.

Starting with MLD, poleward gyre shifts, stratification, then hopefully on to mixing, heat content, 3D horizontal transport, and vertical exchanges/water mass subductions!

Understanding improvements in eddy-resolving over eddy-permitting configurations.

AtlantECO Results

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