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Serena Zunino

Post-doc, OGS, Italy

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  • Marine ecosystems services

  • Ocean health index

  • Ecological indicators

  • Data analysis

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Short BIO

I am a marine ecologist based at the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics - OGS, Trieste, Italy, since 2018. My research is aimed at analyzing coupled marine socio-ecological systems, with a specific focus on ecosystem services framework.


Within my research activity, I study the impact on marine ecosystems caused by anthropogenic pressures. I use different modelling approaches to assess trade-offs, both in ecological and social terms, of human activities also including their risks and costs.

Role in AtlantECO

My research in AtlantECO focuses on the analysis of the status of the Atlantic Ocean through the assessment of some selected ecosystem services, also in relation to future climate scenarios, using the Ocean Health Index. This index allows the integration of the best available ecological scientific knowledge with social-economic indicators. The output of the analysis will be a quantitative measure of the status of the ecosystem that could provide useful information for managing anthropogenic pressures in order to pursue sustainable development. In this project, I am really interested in understanding how the microbiome and the plankton ecology could influence the functioning of the marine ecosystem and the ecosystem services associated.

In AtlantECO, I am part of the WP3 Marine Ecosystem Health and Services, the task 3.1 Assessment of ecosystem health for the Atlantic Ocean and task 3.2 Socio-cultural and economic evaluation of ecosystem services. Moreover, I also take part in the WP 8 task 8.3 Predicted Changes in Ecosystem Services


Participation and/or co-organization of project workshops:

  • Webinar: Ecosystem Services 27/11/2020 -  Relatori: Sebastian Villasante (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain), Donata Canu (OGS, Italy), (Gillian Ainsworth, USC), Francesco Bosello (CMCC), Serena Zunino (OGS, Italy): Overview of the ES addressed by AtlantECO. Discussion on a shared approach of ES classification to adopt within the project. Links with sister projects and their possible contribution to the ES assessment.


  • Workshop: Ocean Health Index in AtlantECO 14/12/2020 - Relatori: Ben Halpern (University California Santa Barbara & NCEAS, USA), Sebastian Villasante (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain), Katie Longo (Marine Stewardship Council, UK), Serena Zunino (OGS, Italy): AtlantECO data and the OHI: data gathered, inputs from WPs.


  • Workshop: Synergy on Ecosystem Services 20/04/2021 – Relatori: G. Marinho (FCUP/CIIMAR) project AquaVitae; J. Vad (University of Edinburgh) project IAtlantic; W. Valenti (UNESP) Sustainable Aquaculture; L. Shannon (University of Cape Town) progects TRIATLAS, MISSION ATLANTIC; S. Zunino (OGS) AtlantECO.​

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