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Discover the Atlantic through the AtlantECO podcast

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

The ocean covers 70% of our planet. That's why we call it the blue planet. We know that our health and that of the entire planet depend on the health of the Ocean. However, it remains an underexplored and misunderstood space.

By deploying an oceanographic fleet of 6 boats, and by gathering more than 200 people from 36 institutions in Brazil, Europe and South Africa, the AtlantECO project has given itself the mission to explore the Atlantic Ocean to gain better knowledge and therefore be able to better preserve it. Such an ambitious and vast programme needed a podcast to be able to share this amazing adventure.

For our first season, listen to oceanographers, scientists from all disciplines, expedition leaders, and navigators as they share their thoughts on of AtlantECO and the world of marine sciences, as well as make us experience the Atlantic Ocean through their words.

Throughout the episodes you will learn more about the mysteries of life on Earth, about the biodiversity of the Ocean, the challenges faced by the Atlantic and about the beauty of science.

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We can't wait to hear what you think!

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