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New podcast episode: an introduction to Socio-economic and cultural values of Ecosystem Services

What are the social, economic and cultural values that we need to consider when studying the Ocean, its ecosystem and its health? And how does it help us better manage the resources provided by the ocean so that everyone can benefit equitably from them?

To help us answer these questions, Sebastian Villsante was our guest on the show.

Sebastian is a professor in Economics and a researcher, as well as the leader of the Equalsea Lab at the University of Santiago de Compostela in the Northwest of Spain. Sebastian and his team specialise in understanding the factors that help or hinder the achievement of ocean equity, and the role of marine biodiversity, fisheries and aquaculture for human wellbeing to inform behaviours and policies towards transformative change to achieve equitable distribution of benefits.

Sebastian explained to us how human impacts on the ocean, through their actions, are increasing over time. At the same time, our wellbeing is directly linked to the health status of the ocean, we depend on it to remain healthy! The Ocean provides us with so many benefits, so having clear policies and guidance on how to achieve a sustainable and equitable ocean for all is key. In the episode you will learn how we are trying to contribute to these important aspects in AtlantECO to develop new knowledge to support a pluralistic, practical and action-oriented way to engage stakeholders and disciplines in the face of shared sustainability challenges.

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