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New podcast episode: bio discovery in the Vitoria-Trinidade Seamounts

Erica Becker on board of Tara, © Arthur Larie & Fondation Tara Ocean

The Vitoria-Trinidade chain is a very special area along the Brazilian coast which is host to 11 seamounts and home to an incredible diversity of marine life.

Why is this region an amazing shelter for biodiversity? How did the team on board study life beneath the water? What are we hoping to learn from this research?

Our guest today is Erica Becker from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil, she was on board of Tara during the leg from Salvador de Bahia to Rio de Janeiro and tells us about the experience she had while studying the biodiversity in the Vitoria-Trinidade chain.

Erica tells us about the intense three weeks on board, between day and night sampling stations, and the reward of swimming in that region so rich in marine life where underwater mountains nearly rise to the surface of the Ocean. She also tells us about Tagea Bjornberg, the woman scientist to whom the leg was dedicated.

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