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New podcast episode: Organising and managing a research cruise on board of Tara

What does it take to organise a research mission on board a sailing boat? What sort of activities take place along the way? What is so special about Tara?

Clémentine Moulin is our guest in today’s episode and she helps us answer these questions.

Clémentine, or Clem as we call her, is the operations director at the Tara Ocean Foundation, she is responsible for the organisation and implementation of Mission Microbiomes, Tara’s latest expedition and one of AtlantECO flagship sampling cruises.

On this episode we discuss the ins and outs of organising and delivering a research mission at sea, from making sure that all permits and local contacts are in place, to selecting the right crew members to go onboard of the Tara schooner and ensuring that all the samples reach their destination labs to be analysed. Clem also tells us about Tara, the boat where everyone who has been onboard wants to return to… and what the mission of the foundation is, from exploring the seas and facilitating scientific advances to making sure the knowledge gained is shared with as many people as possible.

This is the first of a series of episode on the expeditions in AtlantECO so make sure to come back and listen to those who have experienced the ocean first hand and who share what has been studied along the way.

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