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New podcast episode: Telling stories and creating access to the Ocean in Africa, for Africans.

In today’s episode of the show our guest is Noel Kok from NEWF, which stands for Nature, Environment and Wildlife Filmmaking. We met with Noel when we had a project meeting in Cape Town, South Africa. Noel participated in the events we organised with the Tara Ocean Foundation during the port call there. And having discovered what they do and the story behind it, we thought it was important to share their vision and messages.

In this episode we cover many topics, from the story of Noel who growing up during apartheid only had access to a limited portion of the beach and ocean, to the realisation that the vast majority of films and documentaries made about wildlife and nature in Africa were made and narrated by all but Africans, and that many young African marine scientists scarcely have access to the ocean or know how to swim or dive, therefore cannot experience the very subject they study themselves… All these led Noel and his team to develop NEWF through which opportunities are created to train and support filmmaking and diving courses for Africans because as Noel says, “We cannot save what we cannot see”.

Make sure to listen to this inspiring episode of the show, and don’t miss the incredible stories shared by Noel during our conversation!

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