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Sharing a passion for plankton with a mobile sea lab and library (podcast episode 10)

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

In our latest podcast episode we have a conversation with Marta Musso, a young marine biologist who is passionate about plankton and keen to share her love with as many people as possible.

To this effect she is currently launching her Possea project, reconverting an old German post van into a mobile sea lab and library so that she can travel around and share the messages from the ocean and its inhabitants. With her Possea project she was named the first Donna di Mare in 2022 by IOC UNESCO.

Marta is also a self-taught illustrator, developing some accessible and informative drawings of the creatures living under the water.

She wants to develop a network of like minded people, so if you feel inspired after listening to Marta, make sure to reach out to her!

Follow Marta and her Possea project on instagram: @_possea

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